Friday, 23 November 2012

Saturday Night (Sunday Morning)

                         Saturday siren -
                         on Sunday sheets the scent of
                         a new beginning.

If you read my first blog posting you will, hopefully, have worked out that the usual format is to be something written by me, followed - below the jump - by some exposition on / discursion as to my inspiration (those are the polite ways of saying "crazed rambling" aren't they?)

I'll post that below the jump so that if you would just like to read my words and put your interpretation on them, then you can do so without me having to write:

                         *** SPOILER ALERT ***

in the middle of the posting.
Below the jump I will also include suggestions as to other writing / artworks / music / film / TV / radio / architecture (and the odd recipe for all I know) that have a connection (at least in my mind) to the posting and that are meaningful to me - in the hope that you might find meaning in them too.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

The General's Dilemma
(or "On The Perils Of Drag And Drop")

This blog might have been called "bloggerel", or even "Joe Blogs", but both of those names were clearly too obvious not to have been used before - and so, in acknowledgement of the way in which these words will be accessed (and of the new worlds that have opened up to so many of us since the advent of the world wide web) - I chose instead to take the name of the blog from a senryū that I wrote some years ago now.

It certainly isn't the first poem I ever wrote, but it is the oldest that I still have, and so, fittingly, it shall be the first:

                         Just beyond the glass
                         that which we seek lies hidden -
                         there amongst the trees