Sunday, 9 December 2012

Countdown to The Holidays

I know I'm on the countdown to the holidays because this afternoon I went to the Usher Hall with my wife and the younger of our two sons for the holiday Children's Classic Concert, this year entitled: "It's Snowtime".  And what a fabulous concert it was too; Orchestra and Chorus, Ballet, and audience participation - a real treat for the kids (and the big kids).

No poetry today, but I do want say thank you to the Usher Hall for once again giving away free tickets to the Special Schools in Edinburgh, so encouraging even more parents and carers to give children an opportunity to be exposed to orchestral music.

The RSNO were wonderful as usual, and hats off too to conductor Christian Kluxen, Owen and Olly, the RSNO Junior Chorus, and the Manor School of Ballet, but real kudos goes to the skating (I kid you not) snare drummer during the performance of BolĂ©ro.

Today's recommendation is not a poem, but a wonderful piece of music that I had never even heard of prior to today's concert: Slalom, by Carter Pann.

This was not only an entirely appropriate piece given the title of the concert, but also felt like a special gift to my son, who loves to ski.

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