Saturday, 9 February 2013

The world will little note, nor long remember...

No poetry from me today, just a quick post prompted by a visit to the cinema this afternoon with the older of my two sons to see Lincoln.  As you will know if you have read some of my previous posts I am a huge West Wing fan (still, I think, the best TV drama ever written) and anyone else who likes the West Wing should also enjoy this brilliant political procedural.  Very well done Mr Spielberg - it's gearing up to be an interesting awards season.

The words of the title of this posting come of course from the Gettysburg Address (how wrong could you be Mr President?).  The Gettysburg Address and President Lincoln's Second Inaugural, are two of my favourite pieces of writing of any kind.  I make no excuses therefore in commending to you today these two speeches in addition to Mr Spielberg's fine movie.

My final recommendation of the day is, what is believed to be the first statue of President Lincoln erected outwith the United States.  Pictured above, the statue surmounts the Scottish-American Soldiers Monument, which is located in the Old Calton Burial Ground in Edinburgh.  Should you be in Edinburgh, do pay a visit; the burial ground contains a number of significant memorials and offers some interesting views across to the Old Town.

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